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This video is mostly a live session, but then I went and added backup vocals to the mix after the session was recorded. I couldn’t help myself. And then the videographers spliced in a bunch of other footage from the session. They are weak like me. So it’s like 75% live session, 25% video. Or some such ratio.

We made this for a song called City Wrecker, which is also the title of a Moonface EP coming out mid-September. The song is featured on the EP, yes, but on the EP it’s a different version; a proper studio version. Maybe it’s slicker. Louder. Slower?

This session was recorded at an old movie theater in Porvoo, Finland, which has now been turned into Magnusborg Studios. The videographers are Ville Malja and Anssi Nordberg, who make up Rairai Collective, based in Helsinki. They had this to say about the session:

“We wanted to build this simple visual world from where the song could rise up. The main thing was to keep the footage authentic and to capture the essence of Moonface telling his touching story with this wrecked angel figure. We tried not to be too modern.”

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Three tests for Thomas Albdorf

In January, I sold my Mamiya 645 to the genius Albdorf, and ran a roll of film through it before sending it away.


Italy - 2014


Italy - 2014


"Most of the icelandic people believe in the beings from the earth: elves, trolls, fairies, huldufolk, monsters and ghosts.
So there I went. I wanted to find them, but mostly, I wanted to see them with my own eyes. I met dozens of people who have the gift and I went over the north and south of the country to find their homes and hidden places. It wasn’t easy, I had to cross frozen deserts, roller-coaster roads and blizzards. But every new landscape confirmed that if there is a place to believe in magic, Iceland must be the place.”
- Bego Antón - Dust under our feet

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